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Do You Need a New Chimney Cap?

Why would my chimney need a cap on it?  What’s the difference between chimney caps and chase caps?

A chase cap is found on pre-fab fireplaces.  The fireplace will have a pipe running up through the top of the roof.  Many pre-fab chimneys look like masonry chimneys on the outside, but actually just have a wooden box on the inside instead of brick.  A chase cap will fit securely over the chimney top, kind of like a shoe-box lid fits onto a shoe box.  It will cover the entire top of the chimney and should come down a few inches over the side.  A chase cap prevents water from entering the chimney.

chimney cap is used for true masonry chimneys.  It consists of a case, a screen, and a lid. It is not only decorative, but it protects your chimney and fireplace from rain and invading wildlife.

Rain and moisture in your chimney can cause internal structural damage by corroding the mortar and bricks. It can rust dampers, produce mold, and cause the walls and ceiling around your fireplace to weaken.

Chimney caps also help prevent the invasion of unwanted animals. An open chimney is like an open window to a critter, and without a cap, the critter may decide to take up residence within your fireplace. Don’t wait until you hear scratching to cap your chimney!

If you think you need a cap or need to replace your existing one give Bryant Roofing and Repairs a call at 770-267-8600 to schedule an estimate.  We will measure, fabricate, and install your new cap, adding protection, curb appeal, and longevity to your home.