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Looking For a Chimney Cap in Monroe Ga?

Do you need a chimney cap in Monroe or anywhere in Walton/Gwinnett?  We build chimney caps too!

Bryant Roofing and Repairs not only repairs and replaces roofs, we custom build and install chimneys and chase caps.

We offer services for both residential homeowners and our fellow roofing contractors who need caps for their own customers.  We service Monroe and surrounding areas, including LoganvilleSnellvilleWalnut GroveGratisLilburnLawrenceville, and more.

What’s a chimney cap?

A chimney cap consists of a case, a screen, and a lid. It’s not only decorative, but it protects your chimney and fireplace from rain, leak debris, and intruding animals.

Why do I need one?

Rain can damage the stainless steel liner and damper in your chimney. Water can soak the inside and produce mold, as well as erode the mortar. Deterioration could cause the chimney to need replacement. Thus, a properly built and installed cap will protect against water damage, and help save you from costly repairs in the future.

Furthermore, chimney caps help prevent the invasion of unwanted animals. An open chimney is like an open window to a critter, and without a cap, the critter may decide to take up residence within your fireplace. Don’t wait until you hear scratching to cap your chimney!

How do I  get one?

Call Bryant Roofing and Repairs at 770-267-8600 to get more information.  We can come out to your location and take the measurements or you can provide measurements to us.  We offer installation services, or you can come by our office in Monroe, GA, and pick up your custom-made cap and install it yourself.