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Does My Roof Have Storm Damage?

Does my roof have storm damage?  This is a frequently asked question that we get from homeowners. What does storm damage look like? Sometimes it can be obvious, such as loose or missing shingles. Other signs could be dings or dents in the roof caused by hail stones. Occasionally, granules laying on the ground or.

By: Sandra.Bryant
In: roof damage, Roof Replacement, Roofing, roofing contractors, storm damage

Do you need a new chimney cap?

A chimney cap consists of a case, a screen, and a lid. It’s not only decorative, but it protects your chimney and fireplace from rain, leak debris, and intruding animals.   Rain can damage the stainless steel liners and dampers in your chimney. Water can soak the inside and produce mold, as well as erode.

By: bryantroofingandrepairs
In: Chimney

How to know when it’s time to replace your roof

Having a solid roof over your to protect your home is essential. IN SOME CASES YOUR WORN ROOF MAY JUST NEED THE SHINGLES REPLACED; IN OTHER SITUATIONS, AN ENTIRELY NEW ROOF MAY BE NECESSARY. Before giving a call to a licensed contractor to receive a professional opinion, run these 4 tests to see if your.

By: bryantroofingandrepairs
In: Roof Replacement

10 Ways to prepare for storm season

Here are some tips for you to know before a storm hits… Understand your insurance policy. Know what’s covered in the event of a storm and the deductible amounts. Clean the gutters. Remove debris and make sure nothing is clogging the path and that water can run down gutters freely. Check your roof. Make sure.

By: bryantroofingandrepairs
In: Storms
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