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Is My Vent Pipe Leaking?

Have you noticed a new water stain on the ceiling? Uh-oh, it could be the vent pipe leaking!

How did that happen?  Many things can cause a roof to leak, such as incorrect flashing or improperly installed shingles.  Sometimes a damaged, aged, or defective vent pipe boot can be the culprit.

So what is a pipe boot?  Also known as a plumbing jack, roof jack, or plumbing vent pipe boot, a pipe boot is the rubber-seal base used to cover the plumbing vent pipe on the roof.

What causes a vent pipe to leak?  The plumbing pipes running up from the kitchen or bathroom need to vent out of the roof to create a balance of air intake and exhaust.  Conditions such as extreme cold, heat, and wind can deteriorate the water-tight seal around the vent.  The rubber boot can rot, tear, or crack, resulting in water seeping in along the pipe straight into your home.  Of course, if the vent pipe leaking continues, you can expect structural damage to occur.

How long should the boots last?  Vent pipe boots should normally last seven to ten years, depending on how they were originally installed.  The weather and the quality of the boot’s material are also factors in determining how long the boot will last.

What should I do?  Rather than trying to repair the boot when it becomes defective, we recommend replacing it.  It takes the same amount of time and money and is the preferred, most suitable way to stop the leak.

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