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Roof Repairs: Large or Small, We Do It All!

Are you in need of roof repair?  Do you think it might be too small of a job to call out a professional roofer?

Most roofing companies are focused on replacing entire roofs, preferably with your insurance claim money.  They will send a polished salesman out to knock on your door, promising you the moon if you let them replace your “storm-damaged” roof with an insurance claim, rather than perform a simple roof repair.

But more often times than not, your roof doesn’t need to be replaced.  In fact, all you might need is a simple, quick, inexpensive repair.

What are some little things that can cause big problems down the road?

Pipe boots are notorious for cracking and starting to leak after a few years.  Loose or missing shingles are often the culprit for drips coming through the ceiling.  A random nail may begin to back out of the hole, allowing water to seep in through the shingles.  We can fix that!

Do you want to pay for an entire roof, if all you need is a simple repair?  It’s like cutting off your whole finger because of a small splinter.

At Bryant Roofing and Repairs we believe in fixing the actual problem, even if it means less money in our pockets.  If you only need a small repair instead of something costly, we’ll tell you.  We believe our customers appreciate our honesty, and when it’s time to actually replace the roof (when it really needs it), we feel certain they will call us first.

We have over thirty-five years of experience locating and repairing roof leaks.  Not sure if you have a small repair job or a larger, more complicated problem?  Call us today at 770-267-8600 to set up your estimate.