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Slicked-back Salesman or the Real Deal? Choosing the Right Roofer Shouldn’t be a Song and Dance.


When you’re a homeowner, sooner or later you’re going to have some roofing issues.  There’s a-lot you can do to fix-it-yourself, but sometimes you’re at the mercy of a roofing contractor or repairman.


So do you want a slicked-back salesman giving you a song and dance, or do you want the real deal?  Bryant Roofing and Repairs is the best roofer for you here in Monroe Ga.

When the roof sprouts a leak, are you going to climb up three stories on a wobbly ladder and walk across slippery shingles to slap some roofing tar on what you think is the cause of the leak?  It’s doubtful.

If you know it’s time for a roof replacement, do you know how to measure for materials?  Or even how to nail the shingles on?

Probably not.

So you get some references or Google some local roofers, and you set up an appointment time.  Now sit back and see who comes to your door.

Today’s roofing market is highly competitive.  There’s a roofer on every corner.  The lure of good money through insurance claims attracts plenty of wanna-be roofers.

Typically a roofing company will send out a slick, polished, smooth-talking salesman to pitch the job.  They may talk a good game.  They may show up in dress shirts and khakis, driving a nice pickup truck with a small ladder-rack mounted above the bed.  Some will show up in little economy cars with a fold-up ladder, Ipad in hand.  And 90 percent of them have never slung a hammer in their life.

These salesmen are good at their job, which is to sell you a roof.  But they couldn’t tell you what’s wrong with it, or why it needs to be replaced.  They couldn’t climb up on the roof and find the source of the roof leak probably any more than you could.

So who do you want to advise you on what to do for your roof?  A nicely dressed salesperson, or an actual roofer who knows what he’s talking about?

A good roofer is someone who knows their craft because they have been living it for years and years.  Actually getting up on the roof at daylight, working until dark or until the job is finished.  Measuring the roof, and loading the materials.  Tearing off the old, putting on the new.  Cleaning up, and leaving the homeowner happy and satisfied with the work they just spent their own hard-working dollars on.

A good roofer knows how to get it done.  From actually doing the jobs, year after year.  Showing up in a work truck wearing blue jeans, with calloused hands from gripping tear-off tools in 100-degree heat.  This is the guy you want telling you what’s wrong with your roof and how to fix it.  Not some smooth-talker salesman who was hired last week through Indeed help-wanted ads, promising him a six-figure salary “with no experience necessary”.

With over thirty-five years of experience repairing and replacing roofs, we have the knowledge and expertise to not only diagnose your roofing problem but fix it right the first time. 

We show up for our appointments.  We don’t ask for money upfront.  No waivers to sign.  We just find the problem and fix it.  Need a new roof?  We got that covered too.

Since 1989 we have repaired or replaced 1000’s of roofs across Walton, Gwinnett, and NE Atlanta and we’re still going strong.  We didn’t last this long in the business by sending out slicked-back salesmen who give you a song and dance.

We are the real deal.