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Custom Chimney Caps



Do you need a chimney cap?  Looking for a chimney cap supplier near you?  Let us build your chimney/chase caps!  Custom-made to your specifications!

Not only are we a full-service roofing company ( specializing in roof repair and replacement, but we also custom fabricate chimney or chase caps for other roofers as well!  Our sheet metal shop is your one-stop shop for any and all of your chimney cap or metal flashing needs.

We offer caps made from 24 gauge G90 galvanized, soldered not caulked.  Copper and other materials are available as well.  We fabricate pre-fab chase caps, full masonry chimney caps, and metal flashing for you to use on your jobs.  Our carefully crafted caps will add a quality touch to your chimney or roofing handiwork.

From one roofer to another, we understand the importance of a quality product delivered in a timely manner for your clients.  Call us with your measurements and specs and we will fabricate your cap or flashing with quick turnaround time and for competitive pricing.  We build our caps the old-fashioned way by soldering, not caulking them together.  We take pride in the final product, making sure everything is just right before it leaves the shop.

If you rely on quality materials for your contracted jobs you know the importance of finding an honest, dependable, and highly skilled craftsman to supply you with a good-looking chase or chimney cap.

If your customer is happy, you’re happy.  That makes us happy!  When quality counts, count on us.

Roofers in the Walton/Gwinnett/Barrow/Athens area!  We are conveniently located in Monroe for easy pickup, close to Highways 78 and 316.  No need to drive out to Norcross or Atlanta to pick up your chimney caps.  We are close to home!  We accept cash, checks, or Paypal.

Call today 770-267-8600 to order your custom-built chimney or chase cap!  Visit for more information.