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Wind Damaged Roof Repair in Loganville Georgia

Uh oh.  Another windy day is upon us.  Looks like you’re going to need your wind-damaged roof repair done pretty quickly before any further problems start!

How can you tell if your roof sustained wind damage?

After the bad weather subsides, take a walk around your home and try to visually inspect the roof.

Are you missing any shingles?  Do you see any shingles flipping up or sliding down?  Are there any roof vents missing, or perhaps lying in your yard?  Are there any tree limbs lying on top of the house?  These are all signs of possible wind damage.

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), wind damage typically begins on the edges of the roof. If a shingle is loose, wind can get underneath and lift it up, effectively peeling it off the roof. It may start off small but with repeated exposure to high winds, the damage can get worse.

What is so important about getting a wind-damaged roof repair?

Shingles protect your roof.  Your roof protects your house.  Your house is probably your most expensive investment.

If you don’t repair the missing or damaged shingles, water can potentially enter into your home causing considerable damage to your ceilings and walls.  It might also cause structural damage including mold and rot.

It’s important to quickly repair a damaged roof.  Otherwise, more damage could occur, possibly resulting in expensive repairs or an entire roof replacement.  You may want to contact your insurance agent to determine if you should file a claim.

If you decide you need a professional roofing contractor call Bryant Roofing and Repairs to inspect, diagnose, and repair any damage done to your roof from wind.  We’re highly referred, local to Loganville, and have decades of experience in roof repair and replacement.  Since 1989,  we have earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship, integrity, and dependability in the Walton/Gwinnett county areas.

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